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What is Mooneta?

What is MOONETA?

We have a vision where Crypto will revolutionize mobile gaming.
We intend to achieve a positive breakthrough in the gaming industry, by offering a wide array of high-quality mobile games, both technologically and artistically.
In order to make that possible and conveniently collect the complete range of games in one place, we intend to create a unique Mooneta gaming platform.
Our cutting-edge platform will be completely based on advanced blockchain technology.
MNTX is a blockchain-based token that will be used in mobile games. It is a cryptocurrency that will be used as a means of payment in various mobile games supported by our platform.

Why mobile market?

Why mobile market?

A massive $70 billion Mobile games market has more earnings than PC & Consoles combined, and the difference between them will be increasing every year!
It is simple, nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone and uses it constantly!
Many years of work in the mobile gaming market has shown us the shortcomings, so we have decided to bring mobile games to the next level.
We want a platform that unites Crypto and Gaming, which is suitable for everyone. If you are an amateur, professional, trader, developer, miner, collector, there is room for you.

Why mobile market?
Our customers are gamers

Our customers are gamers

King & Blue are our markets.
King is the world's best mobile games market.
It is a top-up service & account trading platform that has so far collected more than 50.000 registered mobile game users.
KingDoge enjoys an immaculate reputation for the worldwide mobile community as a safe trading platform with 24/7 customer service fully dedicated to the wishes and needs of its users.
Blue is a website dedicated to mobile games, as we say... your gaming source...
BlueMoonGame mainly deals with new eminent titles from the world of mobile games, provides, reviews of games, hardware, as well as various news, guides, tactics, tips, strategies and has 250,000 unique visitors and over 900.000 page views per month.
Mooneta will unite KingDoge and BlueMoonGame customers with various innovations and benefits in our mobile games.

Action plan

In addition to developing and maintaining the Mooneta gaming platform, one of the main goals of Mooneta is the creation of blockchain games.
The first in a series of mobile games will be BlueMoonKingdom
Sufficient funds are needed for game development.
We want to make the best game we possibly can, and for that, we need your support.
Invest in our project and together we will raise the value of Mooneta sky-high!

Users will play our games and only by playing will raise the value of Mooneta thanks to our Token Economy in the game.
We plan to launch MNTX - Mooneta token on an exchange office in November 2019.
We will additionally inform you of the day MNTX launch & on which exchange office will it be as well as the price of MNTX.
Stay informed on our website

In game mining

In game mining

Mining MNTX in the game will be easy "business".
Just playing the game and having some fun in a place where your gaming skills give you an advantage in mining more crypto.

In game mining
Trading items

Trading items

Secured open market for digital crypto and non-crypto game assets where items get real value.

Fortune chest

Fortune chest

Test your luck in many games, your prize is waiting inside the chest.

Fortune chest
Melt items - gain tokens

Melt items - gain tokens

Crypto Items have real value, you can melt them to prove it.

Your items as 3d print

Your items as 3d print

Place where your items become reality.
Grab your precious gear in true physical form and keep it close to you.

Your items as 3d print

Token Economy

Why Will Mooneta Be the Next Big Thing in Mobile Gaming

It’s obvious that standard crypto mining is in the decline. Not to mention it’s a very tedious and grueling process, which requires a lot of hardware resources, time and knowledge. Without a doubt, now it’s kind of too late to begin with it, Contrary to that, Mooneta tokens are earned by playing games, fulfilling tasks and obtaining various items. Those items are carrying the value supported by the blockchain and the process of making. Mining in the game! Developers get the tools to build items, and the process of the building requires Mooneta tokens. Once you obtain certain items, you have complete ownership over it. Imagine Diablo games, but every weapon, armor, and artifact you earn is your own. Or Need For Speed where cars you win have a proper value. All play and no work will get you valuable items, Sounds good?

But, there is more! You have total freedom to do whatever you want with your tokens/items. You can trade, sell or 3D print your items, or even melt them into tokens. Even better, items can be traded between different games, as long as they belong to the Mooneta platform. All items are upgradeable, unique and their value increases over time. Trade is done via the "smart contact" feature, which is 100% safe and secure. The value of the items is expressed by non-fungible tokens. That’s a new concept that manifests the core of the item trade. For example, bitcoins are fungible, and every bitcoin values the same. Meanwhile in Mooneta, if you have two Sword tokens, they belong to the same category, but since they have different properties, their value is different.

Now it sounds pretty good!

Mooneta Network Ecosystem

All about player

Mooneta Network Ecosystem

Our Team


Mooneta Leo Dong

Mr. Dong received his academic attainment at the University of Washington in Seattle, which he attended from 2009- 2013.


Co-founder & COO
Mooneta Strahinja Cvetkovic

Mr. Strahinja Cvetkovic finished his master's degree at Singidunum University, Serbia. He attended his studies from 2004 – 2008 and repeatedly was top of his class.


Project Manager
Mooneta Ivan Vitanovic

Mr. Ivan Vitanovic is technology enthusiast and crypto believer. In gaming industry for long time as creator and gamer as well.


Chief Sales Officer
Mooneta Zoran Milicevic

Mr. Zoran Milicevic finished Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at Belgrade University. Since then he pursued a career in Marketing and Sales management with great success.

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